DURAN® is widely used across industry, science, architecture and the arts thanks to its impressively broad range of technical assets. While it’s strong, durable and reliable in its physical properties, it also has the transparency and light transmission for very different areas of application.

The technical ability to take on any task

Hydrolytic resistance

DURAN® is reassuringly stable in highly corrosive and hazardous materials environments due to the high hydrolytic resistance (class HGB1) of the material and properties such as class S-1 acid resistance.

Outstanding transmission

DURAN® is the ideal base material for transparent tubing and containers, thanks to consistently stable transmission from UV-A into IR range.

Thermal shock resistance

The ability of DURAN® to withstand high temperatures and temperature fluctuations makes it suitable for contact with open flames or in other extreme working environments.

Impressive electrical properties

DURAN® is well-suited to high-voltage electrical applications thanks to strong electrical insulating properties and high dielectric strength.

Hydrolytic Resistance

Hydrolytic Resistance


DURAN® borosilicate glass 3.3 is highly resistant to water, neutral and acid solutions, strong acids and their compounds, as well as chlorine and organic substances.





Outstanding transmission properties

DURAN® borosilicate glass 3.3 is the ideal base material for accurate volume measurement thanks to consistently stable transmission from UV-A into the IR range. 


graphic UV transparency   Graphic UV Block


Transmissionskurve DURAN (8330).png 

Outstanding transmission properties table

High thermal capacity and resistance to thermal shock

Graphic thermal shock


Ideal for applications in contact with fire or high temperatures due to high working temperatures and tolerance to thermal shock. 



Good electrical properties

Good electrical properties


Excellent for high-voltage applications thanks to its good electrical insulating characteristics with high dielectric strength. 


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