Scale up glass tubing production

From innovation to serial production

Increasing demand from the customer can be matched with our scalable production facilities to offer a growing and safe product supply
Partners throughout the product life cycle
When flat panel displays came on the market for the first time the illumination had to be designed in a completely new way. The first of the so-called backlighting units were equipped with cold cathode fluorescent lamps (CCFL) in tubular form. The glass types used were a very special mixture adapted and produced only for this use. The next technological change brought backlighting based on LED. This led to the end of the product life cycle for the CCF lamps. SCHOTT was present in these years as an innovative developer of the glass mixture.
One of the backlight’s industry major pain points was the aging of their products by emitted UV radiation. This was solved by SCHOTT by developing a glass that included UV radiation blocking. After that, the growing demand for tubing for this application was met by extending production facilities. When the technology’s life cycle was coming to an end SCHOTT stayed the supplier of choice and reduced production capacity to meet the changing market requirements.
From innovation to mass production
To match growing customer demand it is crucial to have developed a product solution together that can be produced on larger scale, too.
If you start your new product development in cylindrical glass with SCHOTT, we can offer upscaling capacity - from sampling and the first series to a global supply of increasing demand. We can cover this due to our special production setup of campaign melts for special glass up to implementation of dedicated production.
Keeping this in mind and having several international production sites we can offer growing and safe product supply with a stable level of quality on a global scale.
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