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The SCHOTT Xensation® portfolio sets new standards for consumer electronics protection. From the stunning 2 mm bending radius of Xensation® Flex to the high strength and reliability of Xensation® Up., SCHOTT cover glasses lead the way in the constantly developing world of smartphones and wearables.
Four smartphones featuring foldable screens

The flexible glass revolution

SCHOTT pushes the limits of what is possible for ultra-thin glass (UTG), delivering products that offer market-leading quality across a range of demands. Once thought unachievable, our groundbreaking Xensation® Flex offers glass now offers a bending radius of less than 2 mm, making it ideal as premium cover glass for high-end foldable devices.

Cover glass - made to survive

The complex and delicate electronics systems inside smartphones require robust protection against the stresses of modern life. Xensation® α high performance cover glass unites the chemical toughening potential of lithium aluminiosilicate (LAS) glass with the scratch performance of borosilicate glass and a strong glass backbone like in glass ceramics. This combination brings cover glass a major step forward to survive 100% higher drops on rough grounds.

Xensation® α

Product variants

The four variants in the SCHOTT Xensation® family exhibit a wide range of physical properties. Whether they are required for back cover, front cover, flexible display or glass covers for wearables. Xensation® α, Xensation® Flex, Xensation® Up. and Xensation® 3D offer a strong spread of solutions in the cover glass market.

More about variants
Xensation® Flex a thougenable ultra-thin glass with a bending radius below 2mm.
Hand holding a sample of SCHOTT Xensation® Up. ultra-thin glass
Three clear samples of SCHOTT Xensation® 3D cover glass for smartphones
Discover more about the history of our cover glass family Xensation®.

Four smartphones featuring foldable screens
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A foldable glass revolution

Discover our strengthable, ultra-thin glass Xensation® Flex. The first generation of glass for foldable cover solutions.

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