Bioactive Glass

Also known as calcium sodium phosphosilicate, bioactive glass has demonstrated extraordinary biocompatibility in medical applications such as bone repair for decades. Today it is used as a finely ground powder in cosmetic and cosmeceutical products with a broad range of benefits.
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Health and vitality for skin

As a bioactive ingredient in make-up, skin or sun care, deodorants, and permanent make-up colors, calcium sodium phosphosilicate exhibits skin-soothing and anti-odor properties and reduces the visibility of wrinkles. In contact with water, bioactive glasses release minerals such as calcium, which can bind to and strengthen nails.

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High quality, exceptional purity

Glasses used in cosmetic applications must meet high purity requirements and achieve very small grain sizes. To fulfill this, SCHOTT Vitryxx® Bioactive Glass is manufactured using dedicated glass melting tanks and specialist grinding facilities. SCHOTT's expertise in glass production is based on a 130-year history as a world leader in specialty glass.

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Product variants

SCHOTT currently offers two types of products to fulfill cosmetic requirements: Vitryxx® Bioactive Glass Powder and Vitryxx®M Bioactive Glass with Mica. Pre-blending of SCHOTT Vitryxx® with Mica improves dispersibility and enhances the appearance of the formulation. Other bioactive glass powder formulations are available upon request.

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We are certified

All SCHOTT production facilities are certified according to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards.

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