Bioactive Glass Powder

An extensive range of biocompatible properties enable calcium sodium phosphosilicate to be used in a variety of applications. Whether it’s make-up, skin care, sun care, or deodorants, its ability to sooth skin and reduce the appearance of wrinkles makes it a highly popular ingredient for cosmetic and cosmeceutical products.
Female applying face powder using a make-up brush


Any ingredient in make-up needs to conform to rigorous safety standards and be highly compatibility with skin. Made exclusively of elements and compounds occurring naturally in the human body, bioactive glass not only reduces redness but also the appearance of wrinkles.

Female applying face cream to her cheek

Skin care

The addition of calcium sodium phosphosilicate to skin care products such as facial creams, skin gels or other beauty products improves their ability to sooth and calm skin, as well as reducing the visibility of wrinkles.

Pair of manicured female hands on a towel

Nail care

Since bioactive glass can build a layer of minerals onto keratin surfaces, it helps to strengthen and protect nails and is ideal for use in a variety of nail care products. The use of bioactive glass can also reduce chipping of the enamel and smooth out nail ridges.

Female on a beach applying sun cream

Sun care

Calcium sodium phosphosilicate offers a significant reduction in skin redness and makes it an essential ingredient in sun care products.

Female applying roll-on deodorant


Bioactive glass has highly effective anti-odor properties, making it useful in deodorants – especially roll-on types.

Female having permanent make-up applied to her eye

Permanent make-up colors

The application of permanent make-up is becoming increasingly popular, with the injection of pigments for lips, eye brows and eyeliners now being a standard cosmetic procedure. In a study, bioactive glass demonstrated preservative properties.

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