Xensation® α

SCHOTT Xensation® α is a chemically strengthened lithium alumino-borosilicate cover glass that offers world-leading impact and drop resistance for smartphones.

A new milestone in smartphone protection 

Xensation® α is formulated and manufactured to compete with the best smartphone cover glasses in the world and, as the Set-Drop-Test shows, Xensation® α cover glass is less susceptible to breakage even on rough grounds than other aluminosilicate and lithium aluminosilicate cover glasses. Deeper chemical strengthening through an improved ion-exchange process augments the glass and offers more protection for the smartphone if it’s dropped, while the addition of the element boron improves scratch performance as Knoop-Diamond Indenter lab tests show.

Two samples of SCHOTT Xensation® α cover glass

The new generation of cover glasses

Curtain up and experience a new era of smartphone cover glass – a glass that redefines what’s possible, a glass that’s made to survive.


The magic of ion exchange

During ion exchange, the raw glass material is submerged in a salt bath, which causes an exchange of ions between the salt and the glass. This creates a layer of compressive stress that forms a tough surface with the highest breakage resistance.

Female making a presentation about SCHOTT Xensation® α cover glass

A test for the best

The set-drop test evaluates the drop resistance of a cover glass and is standard in the smartphone industry. Xensation® α delivered an outstanding performance.

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The launch of a new champion

Curious? Than watch the launch event below for more insights to our newest champion Xensation® α.

Watch the launch event!

Our Xensation® experts

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"We work closely with our local customers to develop cover glass solutions close to the market."
Eden Law
Sales Director
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"With Xensation® α as a high-performance cover glass, we target the premium consumer electronics market."
Dr. Lutz Klippe
Head of Product Group Cover Glass
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"With our new generation of cover glass, we enable our customers to differentiate themselves in the global smartphone market."
Claudia Aßelmeyer
Marketing Cover Glass
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"We are constantly pushing the limits of cover glass to give the next generation of smartphone displays the best protection."
Dr. Jochen Alkemper
Head of Development

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