Decorative Fiber Optic Lighting

Decorative Fiber Optic Lighting

Museum and retail showcases, as well as saunas and spas are beautifully highlighted by SCHOTT Decorative Fiber Optic Lighting solutions. Using fiber optics and LED light sources, our illumination systems offer high performance and low cost of ownership, alongside compelling and effective lighting.
Series of illuminated museum showcases

Constant climate for sensitive exhibits

SCHOTT Decorative Fiber Optic Lighting transports light from an LED light source to a display without generating heat or harmful UV or IR radiation that could damage sensitive exhibits. This is achieved using fiber optics, which guide the light to the tip where it shines with the requested color temperature, offering a high color rendering index (CRI) for true colors.

Several SCHOTT Fiber Optic Light Cables on a gray background

Extreme longevity at high temperatures and humidity

By separating the LED light source from the point of action and using glass optical fibers to guide the light, SCHOTT Decorative Fiber Optic Lighting products make it possible to illuminate very hot and humid environments such as saunas or steam rooms.

Several SCHOTT Fiber Optic Light Cables on a gray background

Product variants

Our Decorative Fiber Optic Lighting product family consists of SCHOTT fiber optic light cables, as well as a choice of two SCHOTT LED light sources. All products are compatible with each other as well as existing systems, and offer a range of properties that make them ideal for museums, retail stores and decorative architecture.

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SCHOTT® Spectra LED Source 100W on a gray background
SCHOTT® Spectra LED Source 1200

We are certified

SCHOTT Lighting and Imaging is certified according to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards, while our fiber optic cables are compliant with IEC 60332-1-2 and VDE 0207-24. The cable sheathings are HFFR compounds (Fire Class Eca), with a hardness rating of Shore 45D (according to DIN 53505). They are also compliant with 2011/65/EU (including 2015/863/EU) and REACH-compliant.

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