LED Fiber Lighting Modules

The technical qualities of the SCHOTT® LED Fiber Lighting Module (FLM 4) generate spot-on illumination, with the versatility to tackle a wide range of medical applications. Specific benefits enable innovative designs, applications and functionalities with precision and durability, as well as customization options.

Precise properties for the medical professional

Surgery-ready color rendering

The FLM 4 is the ideal option for smaller light guides used in surgery, diagnostics and many other medical applications. Assisted by an optimized optical focusing system, it generates color temperature from 2700-5700K, with a typical CRI score of 70-90.

Easily adjustable

Powered by constant current, the FLM 4 is highly adjustable – the light intensity of its LEDs can be continuously dimmed between 0% and 100%, yet remains flicker-free.

Cool under pressure

Performance and endurance are must-haves for essential medical equipment, and the FLM 4 features an integrated fan to ensure optimum cooling during operation, which also helps to extend service life.

Excellent for ENT

With the FLM 4’s external triggering option, fast body action can be made highly visible under the spotlight of the LED. This is extremely useful in ear, nose and throat procedures where surgeons need to see the vocal chords moving.



Optical Data

Optical Data01

Optical Data03

Optical Data02

Electronic Data / PCB

Electronic Data / PCB01

Electronic Data / PCB02




Operating Conditions

FLM4 – Operating Conditions FLM4-2A

FLM4 – Operating Conditions FLM4-4.5A

Transportation and Storage

FLM 4 – Transportation and Storage FLM4-2A

FLM4 – Transportation and Storage FLM4-4.5A

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