CONTURAX® and CONTURAX® Pro boast the technical strengths of the DURAN® borosilicate glass they are made from, offering outstanding heat resistance and chemical stability, as well as high transparency. They also deliver smooth, hard surfaces for extra mechanical strength and geometrical accuracy.

Tough, resilient and ready for a challenge

Tough but smooth

Surfaces can be tailored to customer needs, whether that’s contoured or smooth. In both cases, CONTURAX® and CONTURAX® Pro’s surfaces are durable and scratch-resistant, as well as smooth to avoid sharp edges.

Thermally resilient

With a transformation temperature of 525°C, CONTURAX® and CONTURAX® Pro boast high thermal stability, ensuring reliability even in challenging lighting applications.

Chemically resistant

CONTURAX® and CONTURAX® Pro are in the HGB1 Class for hydrolytic resistance and S1 Class for acid resistance, making them ideal for corrosive environments with high air pollution.

Beautiful clarity

The high transparency of DURAN® glass enhances the light transmission of CONTURAX® and CONTURAX® Pro in the visible range, adding to their potential for architectural and artistic uses.

CONTURAX® Pro Specifications

CONTURAX® Pro Standard profile

  • Right angle and square tubes available
  • Standard length 1,500 mm
  • Minimum quantity per standard dimension: 1 carton.
  • Minimum order quantity for deviations from the standard: 500 kg



CONTURAX® Pro Special profile

  • Glass tubes and rods are available in a variety of different shapes. The list shows an overview of special profiles manufactured in the past.
  • Possible dimension range, depending on the profile and dimensions:
    • OD > 6 up to 150 mm
    • L 1,200 up to 4,000 mm
  • Minimum order quantities between 500 and 1,000 kg, depending on the profile.
  • Other diameters and lengths upon request.


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