Family eating around table in kitchen with wood cook stove

Wood Cook Stoves

The wood cook stove is a true icon of the kitchen, providing families with a traditional heat source and a focal point for the home. After centuries of service, the wood cook stove is now available with sleek glass-ceramic cooktop panels, which add resilience and beauty to the cooking experience.

A facelift for traditional cooking

For many people, a wood cook stove is part of the family. Its warmth, beauty, and dependability give it a timeless elegance and a comforting presence. While gas and electricity may be more convenient, wood cook stoves offer a style of cooking with a real sense of history, a pure, focused heat that comes through in the taste of the food. With the addition of glass-ceramic cooktop panels, these stoves now offer increased efficiency, improved safety, and an easy-clean surface that keeps the appliance sparkling year after year.

Benefits of the modern wood cook stove

Wood cook stove in modern kitchen with gray tiles

Modern design

The latest wood cook stoves blend seamlessly into the design esthetic of any modern kitchen, adding an individual touch of style that grabs the attention of everyone that walks in.

Modern wood cook stove in kitchen with brick walls

Easy maintenance

The glass-ceramic cooktop offers exceptional impact and temperature shock resistance, as well as high chemical resistance and compatibility with many cleaning agents. This ensures long-lasting looks and a quick and easy cleaning routine.

Modern wood cook stove with pans on cooktop above roaring fire

Safe, simple cooking

Modern wood cook stoves deliver focused heat exactly where it’s needed, ensuring the chef has full control over their cooking. And while the cooking zone heats up, the edges of the panel remain cool, protecting the family in case of accidental touch.

The world’s favorite cooktop

Since its launch in 1971, SCHOTT CERAN® has become the industry standard glass-ceramic cooktop, selling over 200 million panels around the world. Its success is due to a combination of a sleek, stylish look and an impressive range of technical properties, including high resistance to temperature differences, thermal and impact shock resistance, plus zero thermal expansion and high chemical resistance.

Karen Elder, CERAN® Product Manager, SCHOTT
Karen Elder, CERAN® Product Manager
Glass-ceramic adds a new dimension of cooking and design to wood cook stoves. Homeowners can now have that modern kitchen feel, while still enjoying traditional cooking methods. Customers looking for meticulously engineered glass-ceramic should look no further than the original SCHOTT CERAN® glass-ceramic.