Modern domestic kitchen with dark cupboards and red illuminated SCHOTT CERAN® glass-ceramic cooktop


Since its introduction in 1971, SCHOTT CERAN® has led the market in durable and stylish glass-ceramic cooktop. It has retained an iconic appeal for home appliance manufacturers and consumers, with the addition of several outstanding CERAN® features etching the brand deep into the DNA of modern kitchens.
Kitchen cooktop made with SCHOTT CERAN® glass-ceramic panel with light options

Light and EXCITE® your kitchen

Winner of the world-renowned iF Gold Award 2019, CERAN EXCITE® delivers innovative and inspiring lighting solutions to your kitchen. SCHOTT’s special materials and coatings integrate lights into cooktop glass-ceramics and control panels, borders and displays, adding eye-catching, user-friendly illumination to the cooking experience and putting the fun in functional.

Stack of SCHOTT CERAN CLEARTRANS® transparent glass-ceramics

Transparent, colorful designs with CERAN CLEARTRANS®

Thrilling and attractive design options within the CERAN® portfolio opens up CERAN CLEARTRANS®. This transparent glass-ceramic creates the opportunity for unique features, giving induction hobs a clean, futuristic appearance alongside impressive 3D effects and multi-colored, user-friendly function displays.

Sample of SCHOTT CERAN HIGHTRANS® eco glass-ceramic

Product variants

CERAN HIGHTRANS® eco and eco S are black glass-ceramics melted with eco-friendly materials, while HIGHTRANS® rubio and rubio S are enhanced materials optimized for white light. Transparent CERAN CLEARTRANS® offers unique design options for your cooktop, and CERAN ARCTICFIRE® is available in four different shades of white.

More about variants
Sample of SCHOTT CERAN HIGHTRANS® rubio glass-ceramic
Sample of SCHOTT CERAN CLEARTRANS® glass-ceramic
Sample of SCHOTT CERAN ARCTICFIRE® glass-ceramic
Find out how SCHOTT CERAN® revolutionized the area of kitchen cooktops since 50 years by combining sleek style and an ideal mix of technical strengths.

We are certified

SCHOTT CERAN® has picked up a huge number of awards, including German Standards Brand of the Century in 2013, 2016 and 2019, and the iF Gold Award 2019 for CERAN EXCITE®. The product range is also TÜV-certified.

SCHOTT CERAN® glass-ceramic cooktop with rice and chilis on the side
News & Innovation stories

The Original since 1971

Find out why SCHOTT CERAN® has been inspiring cooks and designers for almost 50 years, and what it holds for the future.

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SCHOTT CERAN® glass-ceramic cooktop with splashed water and a pan

A taste of things to come

Discover the concept of Cooking FUSICS®, SCHOTT's combination of the latest kitchen megatrends and how cooktop panels can help bring them to life.

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Kitchen designed by Alfredo Häberli featuring SCHOTT CERAN® glass-ceramic cooktops

Alfredo Häberli’s future kitchen

Alfredo Häberli, the Swiss industrial design icon, created a visionary kitchen of the future for the LivingKitchen 2019 exhibition. Find out how SCHOTT CERAN® glass-ceramic helped him to realize his vision.

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