The technology and expertise behind VivoTag® glass and its manufacturing methods provides a range of benefits to our customers, including efficient production, dependable chip functionality, and animal well-being.

All the right elements for effective chip protection

Making animal health a priority

The biocompatibility qualities of VivoTag® transponder glass are known to cause little or no adverse immune reactions, including inflammation response, toxic damage or gene mutation, allergies or infections.

Specialized production process for sensitive components

Since the capsules are constructed from infrared-absorbent glass, they can be sealed by laser or infrared with no open flame required. This is essential because using a flame to seal the capsules could potentially damage sensitive chip components.

Enduring devices with long-term performance

VivoTag® glass capsules are inert and possess consistent chemical stability, which supports the long-term functionality of the RFID chip’s electronic components.

Small parts, significant advantages

Available in very small sizes, VivoTag® capsules are easily inserted into animals without undue pain or distress. They can measure as little as 1.25 mm in outer diameter and just 7 mm in length.


The fabrication of glass tubes is one of SCHOTT's key competencies.

All high-precision cutting and sealing equipment has been developed in-house. SCHOTT VivoTag® transponder glass vials have one sealed and one fire-polished end. The fire-polishing of the open end prevents chipping during transportation and eliminates the need for further processing by protecting the electrical unit from damage during insertion into the glass vial.


Please refer to the following table for properties of SCHOTT´s 8625 glass:



Overview of available dimensions for SCHOTT VivoTag® Tranpsonder Glass Tubes 8625*:


*Subject to change – other sizes available upon request.

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