Man looking at three clear pharmaceutical glass vials made by SCHOTT

Pharmaceutical Vials

SCHOTT vials provide the secure storage of drugs thanks to their high chemical resistance, which limits interactions between product and container. Our vials are effective for low-fill applications and cost-competitive fill + finish, and are ideal for sensitive drugs such as complex proteins and vaccines. 

Clear pharmaceutical glass vial made by SCHOTT with calendar in background

Differentiated quality levels

Exceptionally strong and impermeable, SCHOTT vials are designed to meet the needs of the pharmaceutical industry by offering different quality levels in a range of dimensions and cosmetic options. Their first-class chemical resistance and extractables and leachables profile prevent the glass interacting with its contents, so preserving the medical effectiveness of the stored drugs.

Scientist looking at a clear pharmaceutical glass vial made by SCHOTT

Customizing features

SCHOTT vials can be enhanced with special features to create containers that match highly specific filling processes and drug formulations in all forms. The powerful chemical resistance of our vials also means they are extremely effective in storing biotech drugs, which are particularly vulnerable to degradation, such as protein denaturation or aggregation.

Three clear pharmaceutical glass vials made by SCHOTT

Product variants

SCHOTT's range of specialty vials includes SCHOTT EVERIC®, which is available in pure, strong and smooth forms. All forms meet fill + finish requirements, as well as low drug-container interaction requirements. SCHOTT TopLyo® offers a functional inner coating to tackle the challenges of freeze-drying, while SCHOTT Type I plus® features an inner silicon dioxide coating for excellent barrier properties.

Vials with improved strength in side compression and axial load
EVERIC Strong-Grey background thumbnail
Vials that reduce cosmetic defects due to protection of outer surface
Vials that increase shelf-life stability for sensitive drug formulations
Vials that prevent lyo cake disruption and sidewall fogging for improved automated inspection

Recognized by independent juries

SCHOTT's Biotech Portfolio within its glass primary packaging was recently recognized at the ghp Biotechnology Awards, winning the Best Pharmaceutical Parenteral Packaging Suppliers Award.

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