ROBAX® NightFlame. Fascinating. Even without fire.

With ROBAX® NightFlame, a wood stove is always an esthetic experience. The special fire-viewing panel made of semi-transparent black glass-ceramic shows the atmospheric play of flames when the stove is on. But when the panel is turned off, it hides ash and soot – a discreet privacy screen in a modern design. Thereby, ROBAX® NightFlame not only ignites its assessors and users with a special fire experience but also convinced the jury of the world-renowned Red Dot Awards, which named ROBAX® NightFlame “Winner” of the year 2023 in the "Product Design" category.

Highlight of the home: day and night

Living rooms are our places of living and retreat. Here the fireplace is the focal point for vibrant, everyday life, as well as mentally unwinding and recharging. ROBAX® NightFlame turns these personal moments into something special. Thanks to the semi-transparent black fire-viewing panel, you can experience a blazing wood fire with an almost untouched flame color. And when the fire is no longer burning, the fire-viewing panel reduces the view into the combustion chamber, of residues and ash inside. This makes the fireplace a visual highlight during the day and evening throughout the year – perfect for any living ambience.

Modern living room with gray furniture and fireplace

Award-winning ambience

Good design creates emotions, experiences, and convinces – in this case, the jury of the world-renowned Red Dot Award, which honored ROBAX® NightFlame as a winner of the year 2023 in the category "Product Design".

Each year the Red Dot Awards for Product Design seeks to find the year’s best products. With submissions from over 60 countries and an independent panel of experts consisting of 43 internationally recognized jurors, Red Dot winners like ROBAX® NightFlame are often aesthetically appealing, functional, smart, and innovative.

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Pure fire experience

ROBAX® NightFlame ensures a familiar yet incomparable fire experience when turned on. When switched off, it reduces the view into the combustion chamber with its residues and dirt, making it your choice whether to clean the appliance after it’s cooled down or just before the next firing.

Wood fireplace showing the difference between SCHOTT ROBAX® NightFlame fire-viewing panel when on and off

Atmospheric flames

The transparent ROBAX® and ROBAX® NightFlame fire-viewing panels deliver an almost identical fire experience when on.

Wood fireplace showing the difference between transparent SCHOTT ROBAX® and SCHOTT ROBAX® NightFlame fire-viewing panels when on

Discreet privacy screen

With ROBAX® NightFlame, the combustion chamber and its residues are stylishly concealed when the fireplace is turned off.

Wood fireplace showing the difference between transparent SCHOTT ROBAX® and SCHOTT ROBAX® NightFlame fire-viewing panels when off
Woman relaxes in front of a wood fireplace with ROBAX® NightFlame fire-viewing panel


Developed by SCHOTT for wood stoves, ROBAX® NightFlame is a semi-transparent black glass-ceramic for an elegant dead-front effect.


When the stove is turned on, ROBAX® NightFlame delivers the usual fascinating fireplace experience, with an almost untouched flame color.

Privacy screen

When the fireplace is turned off, the glass-ceramic reduces the view into the combustion chamber, providing a modern design with esthetic appeal instead of ash residue.


ROBAX® NightFlame offers consistent thermal characteristics according to transparent ROBAX®, so the fire-viewing panel can be easily replaced.

Product variety

ROBAX® NightFlame is an alternative to transparent ROBAX® glass-ceramic, extending the fire-viewing panel portfolio and individual design solutions.



Privacy screen


Product variety

Group Manager Application Technology, SCHOTT

A real design highlight

“ROBAX® NightFlame is the latest innovation for wood-burning fireplaces and stoves from SCHOTT. The combination of a familiar fire appearance when turned on and the almost invisible combustion residues when turned off is fantastic. See for yourself.”

Development Engineer, SCHOTT

A real distinctive factor

“With ROBAX® NightFlame, our partners can offer something special. I am sure that this glass-ceramic will attract attention in fireplace studios and, above all, excite end customers who appreciate design.”

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