“ROBAX® NightFlame is a great invention which gives added value”

Based in Denmark, Lotus Heating Systems A/S uses ROBAX® NightFlame glass-ceramic in its latest wood-burning stove. Lars U. Borch, CEO of Lotus, explains why he chooses to work with SCHOTT, what benefits he gets from the partnership, and why ROBAX® NightFlame is the ideal material for the front panel of Lotus stoves.
My name is Lars U. Borch, and I am the CEO of Lotus Heating Systems A/S based in Denmark.

With more than 40 years experience in the woodburning stove industry Lotus is one of the market leaders within high quality stoves.

When considering stoves, quality is paramount in every aspect. Our stoves are engineered to deliver optimal combustion while minimizing CO2 emissions. Built to be robust and long-lasting, their design seamlessly blends functionality with elegance.

By melding Danish design heritage with premium components sourced globally, we create user-friendly, comprehensive products where design, functionality, and technology seamlessly integrate into a cohesive whole.
Lars Borch, CEO of Lotus Heating Systems A/S ESCEA Ltd.

What challenges is Lotus facing?

The woodburning stove market is fragmented, and Lotus is focusing on product development within sustainable burning technology – combined with an indispensable requirement for superior quality.


You have been the first who launched stoves with our latest innovation ROBAX® NightFlame, could you please share your experience integrating our new glass-ceramic as a front panel in your fireplaces?

ROBAX® NightFlame is a great invention which gives added value to the end-user of the woodburning stove. The Lotus stoves are placed in the upper-level segment, and our customers value unique products with a distance to the remaining market players. In terms of design, ROBAX® NightFlame offers to the end consumer an excellent opportunity with its dead-front effect to make the stove a highlight in every living room.


What was the reason for you to choose ROBAX® NightFlame as alternative glass-ceramic for some of your stove models?

ROBAX® NightFlame gives added value to the user, since ROBAX® NightFlame glass-ceramic surface treatment ‘hides’ the messy-looking burn chamber showing ash, dirt and dust.


What were the main challenges or obstacles you faced during the integration process, if any?

In a market with high focus on price-quality performance it was of high importance to visualize the USPs of the ROBAX® NightFlame. In close collaboration with SCHOTT, we've worked together to find solutions and develop point-of-sale materials to make ROBAX® NightFlame more understandable to fireplace studios and end consumers.


How can / could SCHOTT help solving these?

Undoubtedly by increased advertising on Social Media, in relevant printed media and appearance on trade fairs etc.


How has our innovation impacted the performance or aesthetics of your products?

The Lotus products are known to stand out in both quality, design and function, and ROBAX® NightFlame has undoubtedly contributed to giving our stoves a certain level of uniqueness.

Since incorporating our semi-transparent black glass-ceramic ROBAX® NightFlame into your product portfolio, what have been the results or feedback from your customers?

The ROBAX® NightFlame gives the dealer a welcome opportunity to ‘story-tell’ and thereby visualize the uniqueness of the product.


Have you observed any notable trends or shifts in consumer preferences related to fireplace design or functionality?

The Lotus woodburning stoves are more and more perceived as a regular piece of furniture, and therefore the end-user's buying behavior more frequently show focus on aesthetics, design and function.


Could you share your perspective on your partnership with SCHOTT and collaboration throughout the launch process?

Lotus has historically always had a very close business relationship with SCHOTT, where we have highly appreciated to participate in Product Development, market research forums etc. The market launch of SCHOTT’s ROBAX® NightFlame glass was conducted in close cooperation between SCHOTT and Lotus – to the benefit of our dealers.


How would you describe the level of support and service you've received from SCHOTT?

Absolutely satisfying.


In what ways has our partnership contributed to the success of your business?

ROBAX® NightFlame has undoubtedly contributed to giving our Lotus stoves a certain level of exclusiveness and uniqueness.

All photos: Lotus Heating Systems A/S
May 2024

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