Exterior of the German Historical Museum in Berlin with windows made from RESTOVER® glass for restoration

Restoration glass

SCHOTT carefully follows the Fourcault technique to create historical glazing for buildings from the 18th, 19th and early 20th centuries. A variety of options, such as thermal, UV and security features combine 21st century standards with period charm.

Interior of the German Historical Museum in Berlin with windows made from RESTOVER® glass for restoration

Historical accuracy, contemporary quality

SCHOTT GOETHEGLAS, RESTOVER® and TIKANA® products accurately recreate the irregular surfaces of 18th, 19th and early 20th century glazing, while minimal thicknesses allow easy use with historic window frames. All our restoration glass can be combined with thermal, solar, UV and noise control standards.

Exterior of the Goldene Waage building in Frankfurt am Main, Germany, with SCHOTT TIKANA® and RESTOVER® light glass for restoration

Period detail and historic beauty

Detailed recreation of historic glass makes SCHOTT’s versatile products a popular choice for restoration projects. GOETHEGLAS follows glazing styles from the 18th and 19th centuries, RESTOVER® reproduces early 1900s methods, while TIKANA® is suited to Bauhaus-style architecture. Our products are also ideal for winter gardens, balconies and infills of balustrades.


Product variants

Restoration glass variants include RESTOVER®, GOETHEGLAS and TIKANA®, as well as RESTOVER® light, which has a less irregular surface than RESTOVER®, and RESTOVER® plus, which bears a closer resemblance to mouth-blown glass. All our restoration range can be combined with a number of processing options, such as laminated glass or insulating glass units.

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We are certified

ETA-certified SCHOTT restoration glass can be processed as ordinary float glass following the standards of EN-12150-2, EN14179-2, EN14449 and EN 1279-5.


Restored building facade brings old splendor to World Heritage Site

Babelsberg Palace in Potsdam, Germany, shines again in imperial splendor after a three-year restoration of its facade that placed high demands in the area of monument protection. During the renovation of the striking window surfaces, SCHOTT mastered a number of tricky challenges.
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Restoration glass for a reconstructed city building

Reconstruction of the 'Haus zur Goldenen Waage' (House of the Golden Scales) is a highlight of the DomRömer urban building project in Frankfurt am Main. SCHOTT provided 390 restoration glass panes to give the Renaissance facade an authentic look.
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Innovative customized solutions using SCHOTT restoration glass variants RESTOVER® and TIKANA®

During restoration of a number of historic buildings at the Bauhaus-University Weimar, SCHOTT not only demonstrated its expertise as a manufacturer of restoration glass, but its experience in developing innovative solutions that meet difficult technical and esthetic challenges.
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Sixties look special glass

While the iconic Palace of Tears in Berlin has the appearance of the early-1960s, in technological terms it's state-of-the-art 21st century. This is why the Berlin authorities for the preservation of historic buildings decided to use SCHOTT TIKANA® restoration glass to renovate this landmark building.
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Faithful in every detail

The facade of the former Schocken department store in Chemnitz, Germany, was equipped for its conversion to a museum with SCHOTT TIKANA® restoration glass. The facade glass fulfills the requirements of the conservation of monuments and historic buildings, while enabling modern construction solutions.
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Regenerating a legendary Swiss factory

The former production buildings of famous food company Maggi are being transformed into a creative business hub with the help of SCHOTT's restoration glass TIKANA®.
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Abbey Library of Saint Gall

A UNESCO World Cultural Heritage site, the Abbey Library of Saint Gall in Switzerland is one of the world’s most important libraries. Find out why SCHOTT RESTOVER® glass was chosen to replace its external glazing in a recent restoration project.
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SCHOTT has an established partner network that offers our customers the opportunity to source architectural and picture glazing products from carefully selected partners in different regions. Partner companies can be identified by the 'SCHOTT Architectural Partner' logo.

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