Optical Filter Glass

A huge range of technical areas rely on optical filter glass, and SCHOTT’s portfolio of glasses provide an unrivalled choice for a wide array of different applications. Our customers trust us to offer a consistently high quality level and we guarantee long-term availability of our products.
Interior of an aircraft cabin at night with displays using SCHOTT Optical Filter Glass

Aviation, night vision and security

Surveillance systems, night vision technology and cockpit controls and displays are invaluable tools in the defense and security fields. They depend on optical filter glasses to achieve a clearer, more realistic view of target areas.

Hand holding a camera lens using a SCHOTT optical NIR filter

Better imaging

Achieving accurate results from cameras and other imaging devices depends on a choice of optical filter glasses. For instance, digital imaging requires NIR filters for accurate color recognition, while attenuation of some wavelengths can sometimes only be achieved by using a neutral density filter.

Image from a fluorescence microscope using SCHOTT Optical Filter Glass for medical and biological analytics

Analytics, metrology and life science

Bioanalytics, chemistry, research and medical analytics use a wide range of optical sensors that require a specific selection of the spectrum. Optical filters ensure that all unwanted light is absorbed and our filters provide the perfect signal-to-noise ratio.

Image of a strand of DNA

Genome and DNA

In DNA sequencing, the DNA components are labelled with fluorescent dyes that glow in different colors under UV light. Gaining accurate images of DNA requires carrier plates that allow UV light to pass through and block the visible light. These carrier plates are often made using substrates of UV-Bandpass glass.

Industrial cutting process controlled by sensors using SCHOTT optical glass filters

Industry processes

A range of industry equipment uses lasers and optical sensors to shape and control a number of different products. The function and safety of the these processes require selective bandpass and attenuation filters.

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