Optical Components

In a field where precision is paramount and the tight control of light depends on the quality of materials and processing, SCHOTT has the technology and equipment to produce outstanding products. A combination of versatile expertise and state-of-the-art engineering secures outstanding joined results.

High performance components for demanding challenges

Customized to your requirements

SCHOTT has the knowledge and range of optical components to work with customers to create a bespoke product that exactly fits the application. Component shapes, sizes, coatings, designs and capabilities are all customizable for a highly versatile solution.

Broad capability range

A commitment to innovation has helped us to develop products with a variety of capabilities to reflect a wide range of needs across many industries. We develop products in a huge number of shapes and sizes upon request.

Raising standards for technical properties

SCHOTT’s family of optical components include those made using HT and HTUltra glasses to offer the best transmittance values on the market. Exceptionally tight tolerances, low CTEs and very high homogeneity levels add to the benefits.

One-stop shop for cost-effective solutions

As a leading name in the field of advanced optics, SCHOTT combines a broad portfolio of glass products with expert access to technologies, systems and services. This results in a comprehensive service for our customers, saving them time and resources.


Prisms are available as:

  • Right-angle prisms
  • Rhomboid prisms
  • Penta prisms
  • TIR prisms
  • Beamsplitter cubes
  • Roof prisms
  • Porro prisms

Edge length range from 10 - 150 mm depending on customer specification.


Prisms can be supplied as:

  • Cut prisms
  • Milled prisms
  • Polished
  • Polished / coated prisms


Manufacturing approach

  • Our standard approach for volume production:
    Melting → Pressing → Polishing → Coating
  • For prototyping, a faster approach via CNC machining can also be applied.


Quality Assurance / Metrology

  • Measuring of surface flatness with interferometer (λ/10 accuracy).
  • Measuring of surface quality with a white light interferometer.
  • Measuring of 3D dimensions with Zeiss Vista CMM.


SCHOTT manufactures a vast range of lenses in a variety of shapes and sizes. As one of the most versatile and widely used optical components, they can be made using one of 120 different glasses, with spherical or aspherical surfaces, and composed of a single material or doublets.

Spherical lenses

Spherical lenses are available as:

  • Lenses plano-convex/plano-concave
  • Lenses bi-convex/bi-concave
  • Achromatic doublets or triplets
  • Meniscus lenses

Diameter sizes range from 3 - 90 mm depending on customer specification.

Spherical lenses can be supplied as:

  • Pressings
  • Polished or coated spherical lenses
  • Cemented (singlets, doublets, triplets)

Aspherical lenses

SCHOTT Aspherical Lenses offer superior image quality, an improved surface, custom design, flexible production, and enhanced total light transmission, all in a wide range of glass materials.

To find out more, please see related product “Aspherical Lenses” on the overview page.

Plano optics

Plano optics are available as:

  • Optical windows
  • Protective windows
  • Optical flats
  • Substrates for microlithography
  • Brewster or elliptical windows
  • AR coated laser line windows
  • Dielectric and metallic mirrors
  • Dichroic long- and shortpass filters
  • Narrow bandpass filters

A wide range of optical materials can be processed into plano components, including SCHOTT's portfolio of optical and filter glasses, fused silica, sapphire and ZnS.

Plano components are produced by double-side polishing for best-in-class transmitted wave front or single-side polishing for excellent flatness.

Diameter sizes range from 2-625 mm depending on customer specification. Drilling, dicing and complex CNC machining for final shaping are available, as well as customized coatings from UV to IR designed to your exact requirements.

Mechanical mounting and optical assembly of plano components.


  Commercial Quality Precision Quality Ultra-Precision Quality
Diameter 3 - 625 mm 3 - 350 mm 2 - 200 mm
Diameter tolerance ± 0.2 mm  ± 0.050 mm ± 0.005 mm 
Thickness tolerance  ± 0.2 mm  ± 0.050 mm ± 0.020 mm
Parallelism  < 3 arc minutes  < 1 arc minute < 10 arc seconds
Surface accuracy   2λ  λ/4  λ/20*
Surface quality (scratch & dig)  80/50  60/40 10/5
Surface roughness   5 nm  2 nm 5 nm 
Coating  Customized optical coating solutions  Customized optical coating solutions  Customized optical coating solutions
*Depending on geometry

Optical Glass Wafers

  • Wafers are produced according to SEMI Standards, including dimensional, flat and notch specifications.
  • Laser marking according to customer requirements.
  • Coatings available upon request.
  • Quality report available for each shipment.
  • Packaging in wafer box, cassette box or Front Opening Shipping Box (FOSB).



Diameter up to 200 mm  up to 300 mm 
Thickness [mm] 0.3 - 5 0.3 - 5
Thickness tolerance [µm] ± 5
 ± 5
TTV [µm] < 5 < 5 
Warp [µm] < 30  < 70 
Bow [µm] ± 30 ± 50 
Parallelism [arcsec] < 30  < 30 
Roughness (Ra) [nm] < 1  < 1 
40 - 20 40 - 20



Diameter up to 200 mm up to 300 mm
Thickness [mm] 0.3 - 5 0.3 - 5
Thickness tolerance [µm] ± 5
± 5
TTV [µm] < 1 < 1 
Warp [µm] < 20  < 50
Bow [µm] ± 5 ± 10 
Parallelism [arcsec] < 5  < 5 
Roughness (Ra) [nm] < 0.5  < 0.5 
up to 20 - 10 up to 20 - 10

* Tighter tolerances available upon request. 

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