Microelectronic Packaging

SCHOTT draws on more than 75 years of experience in developing and manufacturing hermetically-sealed packages and is the only vendor in Europe that offers a complete portfolio of hermetic packaging technologies. By covering all essential and quality-critical processes in-house, we can offer fully custom-made components that fulfill even the most difficult requirements.

Outstanding properties and a wide range of choices

True reliability

As a dedicated supplier with decades of experience in safety-critical applications, SCHOTT manufactures products that meet the highest performance and longevity expectations – even in working environments with extreme pressure, vibration, and temperatures of 175°C (347°F).

Big in miniaturization

Glass-to-metal sealing can enable the production of miniature 3D interconnect solutions, paving the way for high-density input/output capability in small-form-factor hermetic packages with I/O count.

Superior thermal management

SCHOTT Microelectronic Packaging offers extraordinary thermal conductivity and powerful temperature resistance beyond 300°C, making them well-suited for handling the heat in high-power applications.

High-speed products. Integrated solutions

Catering to high-speed requirements, we offer coaxial high-frequency ports, as well as integrated features, such as connectors or circuits. This increases efficiency for customers, who can remove these steps from their own production processes.

Product variety

We offer microelectronic housings as custom-designed microwave packages, power packages, multi-pin MCM packages, dewar flanges, amplifier packages, RF packages, and much more.


Product variety of Microelectronic packaging


Glass-to-Metal Sealing – SCHOTT GTMS

  • Glass-to-metal sealed (GTMS) microelectronic packages offer excellent performance when it comes to effectively protecting electronic systems, defending sensitive components against harsh environmental conditions, and supporting efficient transmission of optical signals.
  • SCHOTT’s GTMS packages are extremely effective at protecting a comprehensive range of components – electronic, opto-electronic and microelectronic – in diverse industrial and technical fields, including microwave packaging, sensor and medical technology, and power electronics.
  • Efficient transmission of optical signals. Protection for electronic, opto-electronic, and microelectronic parts. Diverse uses from sensor technology to power electronics.

Detailed information about glass-to-metal sealing technology can be found here.

Technical specifications

Technical Specifications of Microelectronic packaging

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