The versatility of MEMpax® borosilicate glass comes from its down-draw production process, which results in pristine smooth surfaces. Combined with low flatness and high homogeneity, plus an outstanding material property portfolio, MEMpax® opens up a variety of applications in electronics and biotechnology.
A tiny pressure sensor featuring SCHOTT MEMpax® borosilicate glas

Pressure sensors

MEMpax® is ideal for use in pressure sensors. Available as unpolished and structured wafer, MEMpax® acts as a pedestal that carries the functional MEMS die. These are widely used in the sectors automotive, industry and transportation and healthcare, where SCHOTT has established a long-standing and trusted presence.

Diagram of a LiDAR system featuring MEMS mirrors with a window made using SCHOTT MEMpax® glass

MEMS mirrors

MEMpax® is widely used as a window in various MEMS mirror applications due to its unique thermal, optical, cosmetic and geometric properties. A thermal match to silicon opens up the possibility for anodic bonding to enable hermetic packages, while the availability of low thicknesses offers smaller form factors and improved optical application designs. In addition, the pristine surface can be combined with effective anti-reflective coatings.

Man looking at a smartphone playing a podcast

RF IC packaging

Since SCHOTT MEMpax® has the lowest dielectric constant of all thin glasses on the market, it is ideal for applications involving very high (>30GHz) frequencies. Due to the low roughness and low TTV of MEMpax® glass, it is an excellent choice for radio frequency integrated circuits.

Close up of a laboratory diagnostics device in the field of biotechnology

Diagnostics and biotechnology

Optimum sensitivity is vital in the fields of diagnostics and biotechnology, and the high optical transmission and low autofluorescence of SCHOTT MEMpax® makes it ideal for use in a range of devices and equipment. Whether it’s biochip substrates, microfluidics, or Lab On A Chip systems, MEMpax® offers a low signal-to-noise ratio and excellent surface quality.

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