Selection of pink and green glasses of different sizes and shapes for SCHOTT laser glasses and components

Laser Glasses and Components

Thanks to its unique technical properties, glass is an ideal host material for the rare-earth ions that give optically pumped lasers their power. SCHOTT harnesses those qualities in a range of active laser glass products and components that can be tailored to a variety of optical and industrial needs.

Purple laser glass sheets and rods standing up

Laser glass innovation and customization

SCHOTT is constantly developing new glass products and offering new options to customers. We have developed platinum-particle-free melting, allowing for customization options including high-fluence laser glass, laser slabs and rods with outstanding quality and homogeneity. In addition, a range of coatings and finishes helps us meet all customer requirements.

Clear laser glass rods

The full range of laser components

Lasers are of critical importance to a number of industrial, scientific, medical, and defense applications. SCHOTT offers a range of passive laser components, such as aspherical lenses, polarizers, beamsplitters, mirrors, prisms, windows and flow tubes, as well as coatings for all wavelengths with a high laser-induced damage threshold.

Row of purple silicate and phosphate-based glasses for high-fluence laser applications

Product variants

While SCHOTT tailors laser glasses to specific applications, we also divide our products into distinct components to help customers choose the best option for them. Our product range includes 1.5 µm eye-safe phosphate glass and 1 µm silicate and phosphate glass.

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A range of green phosphate glasses for defense and medical applications

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