KL Fiber Optic Light Guides

There are a number of different SCHOTT Light Guides available, each with their own range of advantages for specific applications. Whether used in the laboratory, the classroom or an industrial setting, these fiber optic guides offer strong mechanical stability with high white light transmission.
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Laboratory and diagnostics

SCHOTT Fiber Optic Light Guides are an essential element of the Laboratory and Diagnostics industries, delivering intense, homogenous light for stereo microscopy. Accurate results depend on the tiniest of detail, and our light guides deliver the illumination that provides the evidence, no matter how simple or complex the system.

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Industrial applications

Effective industrial analysis and product development relies on knowledge and information, and SCHOTT Light Guides offer a highly controllable illumination system that gives you all the information you need. Compatible with a wide range of light sources and accessories, our guides have the quality and reliability for a lifetime of performance.

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SCHOTT understands the value of education, and whether it’s in a school laboratory or a top university, our complete range of light guides, sources and accessories are the best choice in opening young minds to the thrill of scientific investigation. With easy-to-use products and the latest technology, our light guides are reliable partners in classrooms all over the world.

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Forensic science

The whole area of forensic science depends heavily on microscopy. The ability to see the smallest detail is vital and can make a huge impact on people’s lives. SCHOTT Fiber Optic Light Guides deliver powerful and stable illumination that technicians can trust, leading to strong evidence and consistent performance.

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