This colored amber soda-lime type III glass presents high levels of protection against ultraviolet light. While an ILLAX® container effectively blocks short wavelengths that could potentially damage its contents, the ingredients remain visible. In addition, ILLAX® has a robust resistance to chemicals. 

Physical and chemical excellence for reliable containers

UV light blocker

ILLAX® glass offers protection against ultraviolet as well as blue light, which means it can dramatically reduce light degradation of food supplements such as vitamins, and prevent glue from becoming hard during transportation and storage.

Chemically resistant

The reliability and strength of ILLAX® glass also come from its robust levels of resistance to acids, water and alkalis.

Quality assured

SCHOTT works according to the highest quality standards to ensure the consistent quality of all the products it manufactures, and all SCHOTT Tubing facilities are certified according to EN ISO 15378: 2017.

Your containers, your way

We work closely with our customers to manufacture containers to an exact specification, with a wide range of materials, coatings and properties to suit your specific needs.

Physical and Chemical Data

Physical and Chemical Data

Transmission Curve

Transmission Curve

All measurements were carried out on processed glass with a wall thickness of 1 mm

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