Hermetic Windows and Lens Caps

Hermetic windows and caps are essential to protect encapsulated optical components in a broad rage of applications, from data communication to MEMs. They reliably protect sensitive semiconductors while enabling the smooth emission or transmission of optical signals by acting as an optical interface.
Internal view of a data center with banks of network storage

Data communication

Many optical data communication systems transmit and receive signals at extremely high levels of precision, which requires optimum light efficiency. SCHOTT uses its extensive in-house expertise to produce customized windows and lens caps with unique specifications such as refractive index and ball lens diameter.

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Robotic optical sensor camera system

Optical sensors

Optical sensors are highly sensitive to a number of environmental conditions and particularly vulnerable to damage caused by humidity and chemicals. Components such as motion sensors, infrared temperature sensors, and LiDAR sensors can be protected by molding hermetic windows and lens caps, which also enable the consistent transmission of optical signals.

Stage lit by multicolored laser light
Three SCHOTT Solidur® Transistor Outline (TO) LEDs with a ceramic base
SCHOTT Solidur® Transistor Outline (TO) LED with red light

LED and laser light

LEDs have become indispensable in high-tech applications in the medical and dental sectors, and SCHOTT offers highly robust LED components such as glass optics and lens caps to meet the most difficult challenges. For the latest laser-based illumination applications, we offer protective caps for blue laser diodes and ceramic laser phosphor converters.

Satellite in space orbit with Earth in the background

Aerospace and satellite

Using cameras in demanding aerospace and satellite applications poses great challenges, especially for the packaging of optoelectronic components. SCHOTT Hermetic Windows offer the ultimate optical performance with the highest mechanical robustness.

Green integrated microcircuit board with MEMS mirror
Four SCHOTT® Hermetic Packages for LiDAR Sensors


MEMS mirrors are used in many industries. For example, complex MEMS mirrors are core components of LiDAR sensors, increasing the sensing range and enabling the identification of obstacles at a higher optical resolution. SCHOTT’s hermetic windows and caps provide vacuum-tight protection for the entire service life of LiDAR systems and enable MEMS mirrors to deliver the best possible response speeds and scanning performance.

Close up of the lens of a micro-projector
SCHOTT Side Window cap for a micro-projector


RGB lasers deliver high image brightness in micro-projector applications, but their packaging requires a very small form factor. SCHOTT offers miniaturized solutions for shallow laser outlines, as well as ‘Side Looker’ caps.

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