Heater and Boiler Glasses
Campa glass room heater with printed heating circuits - black

Heater and Boiler Glasses

Modern heating systems and boilers are no longer hidden away, with glass used to visualize the technology inside and provide an attractive focal point for the modern home. SCHOTT’s innovative and highly resistant safety glasses provide user-friendly functionality and style, blending boilers and heaters into broader interior designs.
Printed boiler glass front with control panel and display window

Custom designs for eye-catching appliances

As heating systems move out of the basement and into our living spaces, strong esthetic appeal increases in importance. SCHOTT’s custom-made design glasses for heaters and boilers seamlessly fit into kitchens and bathrooms, and support the trend for smart home appliances and remote control.

Glass panel printed with heating circuits

Advanced functionality and features

Excellent temperature and impact resistance make SCHOTT glasses highly durable, reliable and safe. Printed heating circuits and switches also provide appliances with functions that are simple to understand and monitor. Smooth human-machine interfaces with displays and touch switches enable simple and intuitive interaction, with printed symbols increasing visibility.

Shiny black glass wall heater with printed heating circuits in a hallway

Product variants

The wide array of specialty SCHOTT glasses are used in three key areas. Heating systems demand compact, user-friendly components, while boilers and water heaters have their own function and design considerations. SCHOTT also offers glass products suitable for kitchen warming plates and drawers.

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Domestic boiler with a printed and tempered glass front
Open kitchen warming drawer with white plates

We are certified

All our flat glass panels are manufactured according to ISO 9001 standards. In addition, our glasses conform to all relevant RoHs and REACH specifications.

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