Glass Door Systems for Cold Rooms
SCHOTT Termofrost CRS T.View

Glass Door Systems for Cold Rooms

For more than 40 years, SCHOTT has been developing eye-catching and effective glass cover systems for commercial refrigeration. These systems not only offer impeccable presentation, they reduce energy consumption with full food regulation compliance, setting the standard for long lifecycle and design.
Line of commercial cold room cabinets with SCHOTT Termofrost® glass door system

Full visibility, irresistible presentation

Based on an understanding of how customers see products within glass cabinets, SCHOTT glass door systems for commercial cooling optimize the customer view. This increases impulse purchasing, as well as supporting brand perception and promoting emotional appeal. Other benefits include easy orientation, improved space productivity, and simple shelf replenishment.

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Sustainable, economical solutions for retailers

SCHOTT’s Termofrost® range of glass door solutions and shelving systems combine cost-efficiency and environmental friendliness. With efficient insulation that cuts energy consumption, our cold room refrigeration solutions not only boost sustainability but also save money.

Long line of cold room refrigeration door systems in large retail area

Product variants

The SCHOTT Termofrost® CRS Classic range offers attractive and versatile displays for frozen and chilled goods that cover a wide range of needs. SCHOTT Termofrost® CRS T.View put the emphasis on optimum visibility, while the Flexi Shelf range is geared towards effective arrangement within the units.

More about variants
Three commercial cold room cabinets with SCHOTT Termofrost® CRS View glass door system
Two retail shelves full of soft drink bottles

Food display configurator

Explore and configure your individual cold room system with perfect visual presentation and easy orientation.

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