Immensely versatile, DUROBAX® offers superior transparency and chemical resistance, making it ideal for instrumentation and sight glasses, plus labware and medical equipment. Thanks to its precise geometry, DUROBAX® is also used in sprinkler system sensors and crushable glass ampoules for drugs and cosmetics.
Activated ceiling fire sprinkler spraying water

Sprinkler systems

Thanks to its precise, tightly controlled geometry, DUROBAX® clear can be processed into highly accurate shapes for thermal sensors in a variety of fire sprinkler systems. This precision, along with its stable thermal expansion, enables a DUROBAX® fuse to consistently and reliably react to changing temperatures when a fire occurs – the brittleness of the glass results in a controlled break, starting the flow of fire-extinguishing water.

Line of ampoules made of DUROBAX® clear glass

Containers for chemicals and cosmetics

DUROBAX® offers a solution to storing both highly corrosive chemicals and light-sensitive materials, with its clear and amber versions delivering unique sets of advantages for content safety. The high chemical resistance of DUROBAX® clear protects against strong acids, making it ideal for industrial laboratories, while DUROBAX® amber keeps cosmetics and vitamin supplements safe from UV radiation.

Three glass dowels made from DUROBAX® amber
Three glass dowels made from DUROBAX® amber

Glass dowels

The building and construction industry uses glass dowels to store a precise amount of adhesive that secures bolts and anchor rods in concrete and masonry. DUROBAX® amber offers long-term protection of the adhesive from UV and blue light, while its physical properties enable the controlled release of the glue once the dowel is in place.

Close up of a doctor's gloved hands giving an injection to a patient
CGI: DUROBAX Onion Skin: (Crushable Ampoules)

Crushable glass ampoules

The ability of DUROBAX® to break in a safe and controlled manner makes it suitable for crushable glass ampoules. Used in medical, surgical and dental procedures, as well as for cosmetics, adhesives and industrial lubricants, crushable glass ampoules securely store contents until they are required, needing just a small amount of pressure to release the contents. Treatment delivery systems such as unit dose swabs also use DUROBAX® ampoules.

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