Connectors and Feedthroughs for Security and Defense

Connectors and Feedthroughs for Security and Defense

SCHOTT is a recognized leader in specialized glass solutions for over 130 years. Our extensive expertise allows the development of custom-made solutions that are fully adapted according to customer needs. Due to the high quality standards and reliable performance of our products, we have been a trusted and dependable supplier to customers in the avionics, space, and defense industry. We help address the distinctive challenges inherent in these industries, including the development of application-specific customized solutions and meeting high requirements for safety and reliability.

Safety comes first

Meeting high standards

SCHOTT connectors meet high technical compliance requirements, including MIL- standards.

Extreme environment robustness

Using extremely robust hermetic glass-to-metal sealing technology, SCHOTT manufactures mil-spec connectors and feedthroughs for defense capable of handling extreme temperature and pressure for extended periods of time.

Build to print capability

We are ready and willing to take on your specialty component or modified design challenges. Customization options include flange size, pins, exotic metals, and custom dimensions, among others. We are positioned to meet high-volume manufacturing needs.

Flexible set- up

SCHOTT supports customers from sample stage to high volume manufacturing.

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