Aviation Light Sources

SCHOTT’s portfolio of two strong and stable LED light sources combine our expertise in fiber optics with LED technology to provide highly customized aviation lighting. Qualified for all major passenger aircraft, our products guarantee stability of color and brightness across the entire cabin.

Technical qualities designed for the aviation industry

Lightweight and high performance

The entire SCHOTT Aviation Light Source portfolio is designed for optimum performance and robustness. With the aviation industry increasingly keen to minimize the weight of interior fittings, our LED lighting solutions are also lightweight enough to improve efficiency.

Low power consumption

SCHOTT Aviation Light Sources use low amounts of electrical power, with HelioBasic® II requiring a maximum of just 1W and HelioIntense® requiring 4W.

Increased color and brightness

Our light sources deliver impressive results in color range and brightness. SCHOTT® HelioIntense is available in all primary colors and produces an illuminance of 2500 lx at the light exit.

Broad compatibility

SCHOTT Aviation lighting products are qualified for all major aircraft, with a broad choice of colors customizable to suit different design schemes and layouts.

SCHOTT® HelioBasic II

The SCHOTT® HelioBasic II LED light source is small and efficient, developed specifically to combine SCHOTT’s expertise in fiber optics with LED technology to provide an ideal solution where space is limited and customized design is required. This compact and smart solution is compliant with all Airbus and Boeing regulations, with technology qualified for all major passenger aircraft. 


HelioBasic II technical specifications table

SCHOTT® HelioIntense

The efficient and strong SCHOTT® HelioIntense LED light source was developed specifically to combine SCHOTT’s expertise in fiber optics with LED technology to provide customized cabin lighting. Compared to the SCHOTT® HelioBasic II source, it can be controlled in several different ways, making it suitable for a range of customer demands. The HelioIntense® technology can either be used as an LED light source or LED spot.


HelioIntense technical specifications table

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