Aviation Light Sources

SCHOTT offers a versatile and beautiful light solution for all areas of the aircraft cabin, whether it’s for the ceiling, windows, seats or aisle. Our fiber optic solutions are powered by reliable LED light sources, offering a high level of design freedom, as well as strict compliance with the latest standards.

The ceiling of an aircraft cabin with SCHOTT Star Ceiling illumination

Reach for the stars: Star Ceiling

With help from the SCHOTT® HelioBasic II LED light source, cabin designers can create an on-board Star Ceiling, which replicates a stunning clear night sky as passengers look up from their seats. Each light source powers a SCHOTT® HelioFlex harness of up to 30 individual fiber optic light cables that sparkle gently in this relaxing sky.

Interior of an aircraft cabin featuring spotlights and reading lights

The right focus: Seat and monument lighting

SCHOTT® HelioIntense light sources, combined with SCHOTT® HelioFlex or HelioLine lights, are well suited for a wide variety of applications such as spots and contour lighting in seats or monuments. The light sources can also be used for flat and slim shell mounted fiber optic reading lights.

Window portal from the inside of an aircraft with an early morning view

Refining the in-flight experience: Mood and accent lighting

SCHOTT® HelioIntense light sources are ideally suited for subtle illumination and mood lighting. When paired with SCHOTT® HelioLine fiber optic line lights, they bring a more sophisticated, understated feel to the cabin in areas such as window reveal or toe-kick lighting.

Aisle between seats in an aircraft cabin lit by SCHOTT® HelioBasic II LED light sources

Walk this way: Aisle illumination

Subtle aisle illumination is key to an aircraft's on-board atmosphere. SCHOTT® HelioBasic II LED light sources in combination with SCHOTT® HelioFlex fiber optic spot lights offer the potential to integrate into double, triple or quad seats

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