SCHOTT Termofrost® Ad Door system in a row of clear commercial refrigerator doors

Digital adverts in retails and shops

The Point of Sale (POS) is vital for supermarket promotions and customer loyalty. If customers like the presentation of goods, the atmosphere, and the overall design of a store then they will be happy to come back. SCHOTT Termofrost® glass door systems offer a new way for brands to connect with consumers. 

The science of retail marketing

As over 50 % of all purchase decisions are made at the point of sale, retailers are seeking new and innovative ways to reach their customers as they weigh up which product to buy. Some use in-store radio to deliver advertising messages, others pump out certain smells to encourage food purchase. But many are using more sophisticated technology, such as digital adverts seen through specialty glass.

For supermarkets, the share of refrigerated and frozen product revenue is growing, and with it the demands for increased space. This in turn places new priorities on promotional activities, which now have to include these refrigerated zones in their campaigns. A new solution for displaying digital content is the SCHOTT Termofrost® Ad Door. This premium glass door system for refrigeration units comes equipped with a transparent LCD screen, which offers digital content while allowing the food products behind to remain visible.

The high-definition screens are able to play product videos, offer the latest deals, or display ads to grab the attention of the shopper and trigger impulse purchases. For customers with no intention of buying refrigerated or frozen goods, the space provides an atmosphere of entertainment while reinforcing the branding of the promoted products for future purchase.
Row of refrigerators in a supermarket with the SCHOTT Termofrost® Ad Door system

Supermarket refrigerators

Marketers have always used supermarkets to engage customers. Now, with refrigerated and frozen products increasing in revenue share, door systems with LCD screens can deliver messages and videos, while still allowing the products inside to be seen.

Close up of the SCHOTT Termofrost® Ad Door system with image of watermelon

POS advertising

Digital media has opened up new opportunities for POS areas, with digital screens able to display static or dynamic advertising. SCHOTT offers strong screen protection, with essential anti-reflective and anti-fingerprint properties.

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