Aurora sculpture by artist Tim Morgan in London

Art Installations and Glass Constructions

Artists all over the world appreciate the beauty and versatility of glass, and frequently turn to glass tubing and rods when creating memorable and unique installations and constructions.

The power of art elevated by glass

Great art always serves a purpose. That purpose could be beauty, inspiration, social change, or practical. But whatever the desired outcome, glass has the ideal combination of material properties and elegant looks to elevate any installation or construction from ordinary to extraordinary. Whether glass is the central feature or complements other materials, it boosts creativity by enabling new ways to create unique and memorable structures, making art more accessible and part of everyday life.


The glass bridge

Discover below why academics and researchers at the Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands chose DURAN® glass to build a stable bridge. In the ultimate test of strength and resilience, glass passed with flying colors.

The Window Of Your Eyes installation in Assen, Netherlands by artist Giny Voss

Blending science and nature

Installed in the Dutch city of Assen, “The Window of Your Eyes” uses DURATAN® glass tubing and over 2,300 LED lights to illuminate 200 tree trunks. As the viewer walks between the trunks, light flows in all directions to create a dramatic relationship between natural materials and sustainable technology.

Aurora sculpture by artist Tim Morgan in London

The infinite light loop

Titled “Aurora”, this fascinating artwork by Tim Morgan is made from two belts of steel and thousands of DURAN® glass rods. The effect is stunning, with the glass capturing and reflecting the sunlight, with its colors and intensity changing with the passing day.

Glass swing at the Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands

Strong, sculptural and fun

Ate Snijder, chair of Structural Design and Mechanics at Delft University of Technology, developed a swing made from glass rods to demonstrate the material’s combination of structural quality and architectural value.

Aviary interactive exhibit in Dubai Mall by Höweler & Yoon Architecture

The magic touch

One of the world‘s largest shopping centers, Dubai Mall contains the unique interactive installation “Aviary”. This combination of SCHOTT borosilicate glass and touch technology invites the user to explore and create musical and color compositions.

Groninger Universalis installation in Groningen, Netherlands (C) F. van der Veen

The people’s smile

Located in the Social Affairs and Welfare building in the Dutch city of Groningen, the “Groninger Universalis” installation is composed of more than 2,000 colored DURAN® glass tubes by artist Lambert Kamps that form a giant, welcoming face.

Close up of a photobioreactor by visual artist Andreas Greiner

Generating natural and artistic energy

Visual artist Andreas Greiner’s latest work combines art and science to create a spiral-shaped photobioreactor filled with luminescent deep-sea algae. Made using DURAN® glass tubes, the photobioreactor literally illuminates the natural energy production processes.

Close up of a glass sculpture by Swiss artist Josef Andraska

Inspiration through illumination

The Swiss artist Josef Andraska uses glass to refract light sources, changing their appearance depending on the viewer’s position. By creatively placing DURAN® glass tubes together then illuminating with Spectraflex light conductors, he achieves a fascinating 3D effect.


The best people to ask about our glass for art installations and constructions are the artists themselves. Discover what they have to say. 

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Tim Morgan, abstract sculptor

"I’ve always had a good relationship with SCHOTT and their products are of the highest quality.”
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Andreas Greiner, visual artist

"Since DURAN® glass tubes have precisely the required properties for my project and are already used in industrial-scale algae cultivation, I turned to SCHOTT and received very good support."
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Lambert Kamps, artist

”We had to come up with a way to circulate the air inside the tubes so the special two-component paint could properly bond to the glass.”
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Ate Snijder, Chair of Structural Design and Mechanics at Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands

"SCHOTT was a fantastic partner for the swing. The material was provided cut to length and this was really helpful for the construction. The quality of the glass has proven to be so high that we were able to weld on the nodes a few centimeters away from the glass, with hot bits of metal sometimes dropping onto the glass without breaking it."
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The art of glass processing

At SCHOTT, we believe in the power of art and its ability to bring people together in appreciation and enjoyment, and we have extensive experience in working with artists, companies, and organizations to help realize their visions. Products such as DURAN® and CONTURAX® glass rods and tubing offer strength, resilience, and heat resistance, as well as a huge range of shapes and sizes, to suit the majority of artistic and functional requests for exceptional installations. This paired with additional processing capabilities like drilling, cutting, grinding opens unlimited inspirations for new ideas. Glass works especially well in lighting applications for exquisite illumination effects. 

The versatile choice

Glass tubing provides a vast range of choice when it comes to material properties and outside diameters, giving the artist freedom to bring their vision to life. Specialist coatings can be added for extra resilience and safety, while lengths of up to 4 m are possible for large-scale projects.

The versatile choice

Series of clear DURAN® glass tubing of different diameters

A range of shapes

With SCHOTT glass tubing and rods you are not limited to simple circular shapes. We have a range of profiled and structured CONTURAX® products that open up even more possibilities for artistic expression. And for projects that require a more robust glass, CONTURAX® Tough can handle demanding environments.

A range of shapes

Series of CONTURAX® profiled glass rods and tubing

Combination with technology

The replacement of traditional construction materials such as steel in architectural structures demonstrates the strength of glass. Many installations that use glass also take advantage of its high transmission by adding light. Made from borosilicate glass, DURAN® and CONTURAX® glass tubing offer high levels of heat resistance, so can be combined with lighting components to deliver a stunning effect both day and night.

Combination with technology

Clear tubing made with DURAN® Tough glass