Solar street lights – 360 degree PV protection

Safely covering photovoltaic modules in autonomous solar street lights whilst simultaneously offering an outstanding light transmission are some of the high demands that  the glass material must fulfil. The gained solar energy provides the electricity for the LED street lights therefore saving energy and costs. SCHOTT provides a high quality solution that withstands severe environmental conditions, copes well with temperature changes, prevents unwanted reflection and is easily mounted thanks to its high dimensional accuracy – DURAN®.
DURAN® borosilicate glass tubing offers a wide variety of dimensions and half-shells are also available. This special glass continually withstands extreme weather situations and offers an extremely good light transmission that is required for a high energy yield. As the autonomous solar street lights often stand in nearly unreachable areas, it is important that the glass material does not need frequent maintenance or repair. The glass has a lifetime of more than 25 years. This is much longer than the currently predicted LED road light lifetime of 10-15 years. Therefore, the glass is continually suitable  for future improvements of LED street light lifetime.
Furthermore, this glass has the necessary resistance to high temperatures and temperature changes - inside and outside the street lamp. This makes it an ideal solution to cover photovoltaic modules for off-grid road lighting with LED lights or any other lighting technologies run by autonomous electricity.
Additionally, an anti-reflective coating is available, it enables the light to pass the glass better resulting in more light available in the area that is required. This coating has already been successfully applied in 75% of the Concentrated Solar Power plants worldwide.
The high performance and endless design possibilities given by the round glass protection of PV enables street light manufacturers to let their creativity run wild  and enable them to be ready for future developments such as smart street lighting systems.

Product Advantages at a glance:  

Your benefits 
  • extremely easy to process
  • robust and resistant for sustainable development
  • tailored profiles, shapes and lengths
  • high longevity of the lamps despite high temperatures
  • high weather resistance of the lamps without decay of the materials
  • high-quality, affordable productsHigh light transmission
  • ideal base material for transparent encapsulation, thanks to consistently stable transmission from UV-A into IR range
  • high optical and cosmetic quality allows high yields during processing
High chemical resistance
  • durability in corrosive environments
  • highly resistant to corrosion
  • chemically inert and non-combustible
Strong thermal resistance
  • highly resistant to temperature fluctuations and heat
  • thermal toughening possible: DURATAN® (link to subpage): borosilicate glass that is thermally pre-stressed
Additional Anti-Reflective Coating available
  • Reduction of reflection
  • Dirt resistant and easy to clean
  • Maximum light transmission
Huge variety of dimensions with very tight geometrical tolerances
  • Variable outside diameter: 3 – 465 mm
  • Variable lengths: 0.6 m – 10 m
  • Wall thickness from 0.45 – 14 mm
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