Forschungsberichte 2006-2007

Neue Materialien

Becker, H.; Renno, M.; Heß, G.; Buttgereit, U.; Koepernik, C.; Nedelmann, L.; Irmscher, M.; Birkner, R.; Zibold, A.; Scheruebl, T.
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Burkert, A.; Triebel, W.; Natura, U.; Martin, R.
Microchannel formation in fused silica during ArF excimer laser irradiation
Physics and Chemistry of Glasses: European Journal of Glass Science and Technology B48. 2007 (3), p. 107-112
Letz, M.; Parthier, L.
Charge centers in CaF2: ab initio calculation of elementary physical properties
Physical Review B 74. 2006, article no. 064116-1, 9 p.
Natura, U.; Keutel, D.; Letz, M.; Parthier, L.; Knapp, K.
Investigations regarding the prevention of depolarization of ArF excimer laser irradiation by CaF2 laser optics
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