The books in the "SCHOTT Series on Glass and Glass Ceramics - Science, Technology and Applications" document international research and development activities for products and processes carried out by the companies of the SCHOTT Group. With this series, SCHOTT is aiming to provide scientists, engineers and managers worldwide in every branch of industry with an overview of its activities in every field in which special glasses and glass-ceramics are of interest as materials of construction or as functional materials. Each volume begins with a chapter which provides an introduction to current problems, results and trends relating to the topic dealt with. The books are written and edited by experts from SCHOTT and scientists or engineers from universities, research institutes, or from our customers. With their knowledge, they contribute to closing the gaps between basic science textbooks and published product information. All volumes are written in English and are published and distributed in cooperation with the Springer-Verlag publishing company in Heidelberg.

The following volumes have already appeared:

ISBN 3-540-58598-2
Bach (Ed.):
"Low Thermal
Expansion Glass Ceramics"
ISBN 3-540-58357-2
Bach, Neuroth (Eds.):
"The Properties of Optical Glasses"
ISBN 3-540-58610-5
Bach, Krause (Eds.):
"Analysis of the Composition and Structure of Glass
and Glass Ceramics"
ISBN 3-540-58597-4
Bach, Krause (Eds.):
"Thin Films on Glass"
ISBN 3-540-58608-3
Bach, Baucke,
Krause (Eds.):
of Glasses and
Glass Melts,
Including Glass Electrodes"
ISBN 3-540-43204-3
Loch, Krause (Eds.):
"Mathematical Simulation in Glass Technology"