Electrochemistry of Glasses and Glass Melts,Including Glass Electrodes

Dr. Hans Bach
Dr. Friedrich G.K. Baucke
Prof. Dr. Dieter Krause

This book has 452 pages, with 146 figures and 22 tables
ISBN 3-540-58608-3
This volume gives background knowledge about the electrochemical behaviour of glass melts and solid glasses. Redox and ion-transfer processes, which are responsible for many phenomena observed in glass during processing or in its daily use, are extensively treated.

Practical examples provide the reader with facts for studying the various electrochemical aspects in the behaviour of ion-conducting materials. Among these are: mechanisms responsible for glass corrosion; fundamentals and the application of glass electrodes for pH measurements, complemented by information about the ongoing redefinition by IUPAC; field-driven ion exchange at glass surfaces or within electro-chromic thin-film systems; fining during production processes; interface reactions and thermo-dynamic equilibria of glass melts with refractories or the surrounding atmosphere.

The book is written by experts from the Schott R&D department or their external partners in research.

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