Low Thermal Expansion Glass Ceramics

Dr. Hans Bach

This book has 248 pages, with 156 figures and 21 tables
ISBN 3-540-58598-2
This volume describes the basics, manufacturing process and applications of low thermal expansion glass ceramics.

Composition, structure and strength of polycrystalline materials having low thermal expansion are described. Also described is the way to produce low thermal expansion glass ceramics by using suitable glass compositions.

Examples explain how manufacture this type of glass ceramics using well-known production processes in combination with controlled crystallization. Glass ceramics with coefficients of thermal expansion lower than 0.3 x 10-6 K-1 can be produced. Even in mass production of high-quality cook tops (Ceran®), oven doors (Robax®), and other household appliances, high reproducibility of qualities is maintained.

The development and production of these glass ceramics is described in detail. The same applies for the glass ceramic ZERODUR®, which has been developed especially for technical-scientific applications, such as high-precision optics and large astronomical mirrors. [back]   [next]