Process Simulation and Optimization

Simulation of Glass Melting & Fining Processes

Evaluation of temperature and flow pattern in a glass furnace
Permanent development of our models for glass melting and fining enable our customers to optimize existing processes and to evaluate new furnace designs and new melting concepts for all kinds of glasses.

Our service offer
  • Assessment of new melting and refining concepts
  • Optimization of furnace designs
  • Analysis of running processes and identification of favourable working point
  • Prediction of glass quality

Simulation of Glass Forming Processes

Float: Geometry and stress distribution in the ribbon for different number and location of the top roller
The expertise of glass forming models at Schott comprises all conditioning, homogenisation and forming processes commonly used in glass industry.

Our service offer
  • Assessment of heating concepts and forehearth designs
  • Evaluation and optimization of stirrers
  • Analysis and optimization of hot forming facilities
  • Prediction of product quality

Data Analysis & Process Control

Clusteranalysis of Setups
Our inhouse developed software tools for process data analysis and visualisation enable our customers to analyse certain process conditions and to identify the relevant influencing parameters.

Our service offer
  • Data-analysis for process analysis and optimization
  • Design of model based controllers
  • Programming of supplemental tools for data analysis
  • Training courses for statistical methods and data analysis

Structural Mechanics for Processes & Components

Load test solar PV cell, Bending of glass sheets
Appropriate material models for glass, glass-ceramics and polymers are essential for realistic FEM simulations to predict lifetime and reliability of components and assemblies.

Our service offer
  • Simulation of annealing processes to optimize operation mode and product properties
  • Strength analysis to optimize components with respect to weight, geometry etc.
  • Evaluation of stresses and deformations for various loads to determine failiure of components
  • Simulation of assemblies with various material combinations at realistic operation conditions to estimate product lifetime