Harpa Concert Hall in Reykjavik, Iceland, with a facade made from SCHOTT NARIMA® dichroic glass


The stunning colors of SCHOTT NARIMA® glass really grab the attention, drawing the eye to its beauty and style. With six different colors, this dichroic glass makes a memorable visual statement and conveys a sense of depth, making it a favorite of architects, artists and designers all over the world.

Exterior of the Bavarian State Opera in Munich, made with SCHOTT NARIMA® color effect glass

Global appeal

The beauty of SCHOTT NARIMA® has been recognised by leading museums, opera houses and universities, from the Bavarian State Opera in Munich, Germany to Lynn University in Florida, US. International office designers have also recognised its dramatic appeal, transforming previously drab buildings into must-see destinations.

Section of green SCHOTT NARIMA® dichroic glass

Style and substance

The appeal of SCHOTT NARIMA® not only lies in its striking range of colors, but in its high quality materials. The glass is dip-coated rather than foil-based, making it UV-stable, harder and much less vulnerable to humidity, while the coating is highly scratch resistant, as well as thermally and chemically resistant.

We are certified

SCHOTT NARIMA® on float glass and NARIMA® laminated safety glass for glazing applications inside and outside buildings conform to the following standards: DIN EN 1096-2 and DIN EN ISO 12543-2, following the provision of Directives 89 / 106 / EWG.

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06 Nanotechnology as inspiration with SCHOTT NARIMA

Nanotechnology as inspiration with SCHOTT NARIMA®

Thanks to SCHOTT NARIMA®, the scientific and engineering work that is done inside the Sherman and Joyce Bowie Hall of Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, USA is reflected in an esthetic way in the external building structure and appearance.
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04 The glittering department store SCHOTT NARIMA helps to shine

The glittering department store SCHOTT NARIMA® helps to shine

Paris department store Printemps Hausmann is now more of a landmark than ever, thanks to the renovation of the store with 12,000 pieces of SCHOTT NARIMA® facade glass. When it’s illuminated for Christmas it looks even more dazzling.
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