Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems are one of the fastest growing industries. SCHOTT Primoceler has worked with multiple applications and is proud to have helped to create some of the most innovative products on the market.

Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems (MEMS)

MEMS components are a crucial key to IOT devices, including autonomous cars.

As an example, an average car now contains 800 MEMS devices, and the number is estimated to grow to over 2000 during the next few years. This requires high reliablity and compact sizes.

Key benefits of Glass Micro Bonding

  • High precision and no heat exposure for electronics ››
  • Extreme miniaturization
  • Hermetic and permanent bonding ››
  • High reliability over time
  • No additives ›› Outgassing issues minimized

Ever smaller

No matter how small the component currently is, there is always a demand to make it smaller. Mobile phones, cars, laptops and even home appliances have a growing number of MEMS devices and limited space inside.

Primoceler can create a fully hermetic package for any MEMS using ultra thin glass to maximize the die to package ratio.

Ever more reliable

Our cell phones are already irreplacable for us. Even a small problem can cause unexpected delays and issues. The importance of reliability becomes even more evident as self driving cars come on the market – an inactive MEMS device can have catastrophic consequences.

SCHOTT Primoceler’s bonding solution maintains strength and protection over time. Enclosed active parts are protected against moisture and unaffected during the bonding process.

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