High Temperature Applications

Additive-free bonding for harsh environments

High Temperature Applications

High temperatures are challenging to handle. Commonly used additives and solder materials can cause issues during temperature cycling. Primoceler offers a totally new concept for robust packaging. Many challenges can be avoided by using only one packaging material.

Key benefits

  • Only one material in the package ›› CTE issues avoided
  • No additives ›› Outgassing avoided

Processing at high temperatures

Processes at high temperature are typically challenging to control. Measurement devices can be damaged due to high heat. For example, applications in the oil and gas industry, engines for automotive and aerospace have high temperature environments. And all have situations where reliable measurements are valuable. In addition, many electronics manufacturing processes use high temperature conditions. Processes like physical vapor deposition (PVD), chemical vapor deposition (CVD) and epitaxy rely on precise process and temperature control.

Complete process control

SCHOTT Primoceler helps design and manufacture devices for harsh environments. Outgassing issues are avoided by not using any additive materials. In addition, devices can be packaged completely in glass, minimizing challenges due to different Coefficients of Thermal Expansion (CTE). Quartz glasses have good thermal properties. SCHOTT Primoceler’s glass-to-glass sealing technology is perfect for bonding quartz glasses, which have ideal thermal properties.


Proven reliability

SCHOTT Primoceler’s glass micro bonding technology is well tested. We have experience in aerospace applications with the European Space Acengy (ESA). Our technology has also been tested at the Technical Research Centre of Finland(VTT).




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