Medical Implants

For the past forty years, titanium has been the only packaging option for the medical industry. SCHOTT Primoceler’s Glass Micro Bonding has finally made the use of glass possible. Our customers have created safer, superior implants.

Medical implants

For the past 40 years, medical implants have been encapsulated in titanium.
SCHOTT Primoceler‘s Glass Micro Bonding enables the use of glass in implants and offers a truly hermetic seal. Glass is highly biocompatible and RF transparent. This allows wireless data and power transfers for implanted devices.

Key benefits

• High precision and no heat ›› Extreme miniaturization

• All glass structure ›› Optical and RF transparency

• Biocompatibility

• High hermeticity ›› Allows chronic implants

Primoceler enables ever smaller implants

The active implantable devices of today and the future are getting more intelligent. Implants, for example, capture and transmit data which can later be used by medical professionals. Active implants can also have optical components, such as optical sensors or cameras.

Glass is transparent to radio frequencies

The RF transparency of glass enables recharging, data transfer and reprogramming of implants.  Futhermore, glass is transparent to visible light. Transparency enables a wide range of optical applications.

At the same time, our low heat bonding solution allows our customers to have smaller designs for their implants.

Glass is neutral and biocompatible

 With the development of stronger glass types, the medical industry can now use glass to create new types of implants that are safer to use. SCHOTT Primoceler‘s Glass Micro Bonding offers an additive free, truly hermetic solution for medical device development and manufacturing. In addition, the bonding process does not use high heat, keeping the sensitive components safe.

Glass bonding is a perfect solution for manufacturing active implantable devices.


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