A perfect view into the grill

A transparent NEXTREMA® glass-ceramic window or lid allows the user to see what's happening inside the BBQ without opening up the lid and crashing internal temperatures. It also adds a sophisticated design element to the overall look of a grill. The extremely versatile material qualities of SCHOTT NEXTREMA® glass-ceramic can help enhance BBQ grill performance or design.
  Technical properties   Material benefits
  • Near zero coefficient of
    thermal expansion
  • Thermal shock resistance
  • Robustness at high temperatures  
  • High chemical resistance
  • Resistant to high temperatures required in grilling
  • Resistance to outdoor temperature and
    weather shifts (i.e. rain)
  • Allows for large viewing windows to get a complete
    view and lets in natural light
  • Robust material that won’t warp, rust or
    yellow over time
Dimensions / shapes
Thickness 3 – 5 mm
Flat cut-to-size Length: 50 mm – 1,930 mm
Width: 50 mm – 1,075 mm
Shape Rectangular and curved shapes
schott nextrema glass-ceramic contact

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