SCHOTT NEXTREMA® applications – together we can create something revolutionary

When it comes to realizing an idea, the choice of material is crucial. NEXTREMA® is a high-tech material with diverse properties. NEXTREMA® is an innovative alternative – particularly in high-temperature environments of up to 950 °C (depending on the NEXTREMA® type) where other materials like plastic, traditional glass or metal meet their limits. From the glass-ceramic right through to the finished product:  NEXTREMA® opens up endless possibilities in development and design for engineers and designers alike. Be inspired!

Challenge us, challenge glass.

The following applications are simply examples of areas where NEXTREMA® has already been put to use successfully. In the future, our material will be used in a number of other areas. Regardless of what you want to create or design with this all-round talent: together we can push the boundaries of what’s possible! Do you have a vision for an application? Get in touch. We look forward to helping you realize your ideas!