1. Compliance@SCHOTT

“Compliance is a must, not an option,” – this is the guiding principle behind the Compliance Program at SCHOTT.

2. Code of Conduct

“The SCHOTT Code of Conduct is our constitution – and only those who live by this constitution also live by the company values that the SCHOTT name represents.”
(Excerpt from the preface to the Code of Conduct written by the Corporate Management Committee of SCHOTT AG)


3. Anti-Corruption

While competing, SCHOTT relies on performance, customer orientation and the quality of its products and services.

5. Data Protection

Dealing with personal data in a responsible manner and respecting the national and international regulations that apply to data protection is a matter of course for SCHOTT.

6. Export Control

As an internationally active group, SCHOTT has manufacturing sites and sales offices in more than 30 countries of the world. Reconciling cross-border trade with the laws that apply is therefore a matter of course for SCHOTT.

7. Information Protection

As an international technology group, SCHOTT attaches great importance to the protection of business and company secrets for business success and the safeguarding and creation of jobs. 


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