Environmentally-friendly products

At SCHOTT we continually strive to strengthen our ecological commitment by expanding our offerings of environmentally-friendly glasses.

With its Home Tech division that offers products like CERAN Suprema® and CERAN Hightrans® eco, SCHOTT is considered to be the pioneer in the area of green glass-ceramics that contain no arsenic or antimony additives. SCHOTT has thus set a new milestone on the road to environmental friendliness.
Sustainability: good for us and good for the environment.
Where does the energy of tomorrow actually come from? The answer: from regenerative energies and renewable raw materials such as wood. More and more people are being inspired by the multitude of benefits that this natural resource has as a source of heat. That’s why the demand for fireplaces – and for wood – is continuously growing.
It is imperative that this natural source of energy is managed sustainably in order to ensure a permanent and plentiful supply. The term sustainability is a current buzzword.
The core of the idea is the obligation to plant just as many trees as are chopped down, allowing the forest to supply us with wood in the long-term. That’s the way things should stay, and that’s why Duke Friedrich of Württemberg supports the initiative “Natural power? Yes please”.

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SCHOTT CERAN® cooktop panels mainly consist of raw materials (quartz sand, for example) that occur naturally in nearly inexhaustible quantities. As essentially natural products, they do not release any substances that pollute the air, water or soil when they are disposed of. Thanks to the unique material composition of the eco-friendly CERAN Suprema® and CERAN Hightrans® eco glass-ceramic, these products meet all eco-standards set by the European Union today. More

With the development of PURAVIS® high-purity glass optical fibers, SCHOTT is now launching a “green” product to market that is manufactured in an environmentally friendly manner and, at the same time, transmits even whiter light than conventional glass optical fibers. These new high-tech fibers are produced without using the heavy metal lead. However, not just the glass itself, but also the entire proprietary manufacturing process, in which neither arsenic nor antimony are used, is environmentally friendly.
In other words, any product that is equipped with PURAVIS® already complies with the EU directives RoHS and REACH today and is ready for future environmental requirements – worldwide. More

A superlative in two different respects has been developed specifically for the US market: PYRAN® Platinum fire-rated glass-ceramic is the world’s first transparent floated glass-ceramic that addresses the fire protection market to be manufactured without using metals arsenic and antimony. More
ROBAX® Energy Plus reflects up to 35% of the heat radiation back into the firebox. This does not only reduce heating costs, but also conserves the environment. Because the increased temperature in the firebox normally leads to better combustion and therefore lower emission values. More
SCHOTT began updating its optical glasses product range more than ten years ago. Today over 80% of the optical glass products SCHOTT offers are free of both lead and arsenic.
Solid Oxide Fuel Cells (SOFC) are considered among the most promising methods for the efficient and environmentally-friendly production of energy. They convert chemical energy, generated from a combination of fuel (e.g. H2, natural gas) and oxidant (e.g. air) gases across an oxygen ion conducting ceramic, into electrical energy and heat. Due to harsh conditions that the SOFC operate in, such as high operating temperatures and aggressive environments within the cells all the materials used for this application must be carefully selected to ensure a safe, reliable and continuous operation of the SOFC. With a wide portfolio of glass and glass-ceramics with unique properties, SCHOTT Electronic Packaging has the ideal products for this demanding application. More

In the Electronics & Biotech fields, a variety of SCHOTT thin glasses that are named “Eco Glass” are either under development or already on the market. These "Eco-Glasses" use either very small amounts of refining agents such as arsenic or antimony or are completely free of them. For example:

  • AF32® eco, is an alkali-free thin glass for wafers,
  • D263® T eco is a scratch-resistant filter glass that contains no toxic substances and is used for camera lenses in cell phones or touch sensitive monitors



SCHOTT Termofrost® ECO-Clear doors are the most energy efficient solution for freezer applications. They are equipped with triple glazing and thus offer a high degree of thermal insulation (their Ug-value is reduced by 50% compared to a standard heated door). The doors do not require active electrical heating of the glass pane and therefore consume significantly less energy. More
Other examples of green solutions from SCHOTT include sun protection and insulated glasses; LEDs, which are more efficient than energy-intensive halogen light sources, for use in fiber optic lighting solutions; sealant materials that contain glass for high-temperature fuel cells; and energy-saving flat glass solutions for ovens.
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