Principles for Safety, Security, Health and Environment.

These principles define the strategic objectives of the SCHOTT Group for safety, security, health and environment. They are based on our integrated management system for safety, security, health and environment (IMSU/EHS).


Responsibility toward society as a whole

Excerpt from the SCHOTT Core Values:
  • Integrity and Responsibility
  • Walk the talk – back up words with actions
  • Respect people
  • Contribute to a safer environment

No matter how big the profits or sales revenue, SCHOTT is an integral part of human society and will always act reliably and with integrity.

As far as safety, security, health and environmental protection are concerned, this means that the SCHOTT Group will accept the challenges involved in protecting the environment, and actively contribute to solving the problems this poses. SCHOTT intends to be a model of environmental protection and practises an open information policy towards its stakeholders, its staff, its market partners, the official authorities and the general public.

Every manager must act as a role model and adhere to the vision and core values of the SCHOTT group.

The economic benefits of our actions may not be achieved at the expense of personal safety, security, health and environmental protection. The recommendations contained in laws and directives are considered to be minimum requirements. We refrain from undertaking acts that are illegal or that prevent fair competition.

Safety and Health

The safety and health of its employees at the workplace has the highest priority for SCHOTT. This includes the maintenance and constant improvement of standards in the areas of work and workplace safety as well as health protection.

The job environment must meet the requirements of a health-oriented organization. All employees must pay constant attention to work safety. Each individual bears a joint responsibility to support SCHOTT in its efforts to create a safe working environment.

All supervisors are responsible for protecting their employees and must instruct, train and supervise them accordingly. All supervisors must determine and analyze dangers or stress situations that the people reporting to them might be under; they must assess the risks and organize medical preventive measures.

All supervisors, including the employees responsible for work processes, must make sure that all rules and regulations, in particular in the area of safety and health protection, in the provision of working tools for use in the workplace, regarding the operating safety of monitored equipment and the organization of industrial safety standards (workplace safety regulations) are complied with.


The protection of the environment and the natural resources are high-priority company goals for SCHOTT. All employees must contribute to these goals through their behavior. Based on the commitment of all employees and the respective leadership role of the management, SCHOTT wants to act in an environmentally friendly way and work constantly on improving the ecological balance. Environmentally friendly design, technical safety and protection of health are goals that are already pursued during the product development stage.

Our goal is to minimize and eliminate water, air and soil pollution. That is why environmental compatibility is a determining factor when we select and use materials, technologies and production methods. Wherever possible, we will substitute raw materials, which are potentially hazardous, with less hazardous products. We will help develop the state of the art in environmental protection by applying new technologies and scientific solutions during the design phase of project.

Emissions into the air and water must be minimized; waste avoided or recycled, or at least correctly disposed of.

Resource Conservation

Commercial processes must be economically optimized and arranged in such a way that they require fewer raw materials and less energy. We must continually check our total throughput of materials and energy to see that we are operating at a low level of consumption. Recycling capability is already an important criterion when it comes to developing products or selecting materials. We will attempt to set up closed loops for all the resources we use.

Environmentally Compatible Products

Products manufactured by the SCHOTT group should be safe, problem free for the user, and capable of being recycled or disposed of without undue burden to the natural environment.

Safety of the Plant and Equipment

The planning, construction, operation and upkeep of our plant and equipment must meet all requirements for safety, health and environment. In addition, SCHOTT is aiming to occupy a leading position in the glass industry in the area of safety and environmental protection by continually improving its processes and seeking optimized solutions.

Logistics that are safe and do not harm the environment

Handling, storing and shipping materials and products must meet all technical safety requirements. Packaging and auxiliary packing materials must be limited to the required minimum and be capable of being reused. Transportation equipment is employed while observing environmental aspects.

Security (Averting of External Danger)

As a globally operating company SCHOTT and its employees are exposed to a multitude of external dangers, such as normal crime, terrorist attacks, kidnappings as well as constantly increasing economic and industrial espionage. Additional dangers might come e.g. from natural catastrophes and disruptions of the infrastructure necessary for the company.

With the help of IMSU/EHS, SCHOTT creates the conditions for the ongoing effective protection of its employees, operating equipment and other company assets, including its operating and professional trade secrets, against such dangers. All employees are called upon to protect SCHOTT and its employees against these dangers to the best of their abilities and in accordance with the IMSU/EHS guidelines.