SEREB® SB Type Thermal Protector

Product Description

SEREB® is a thermal protector integrated into the battery cells of various portable electronic devices. It interrupts the current flow in the event of overheating or when over-current causes self-generation of abnormal heat levels. In these situations, the rise in temperature will cause the bimetal element within the protector to reverse, shunting the conductive line to the PTC ceramic. The bimetal element remains reversed until there is a sufficient voltage drop.


SEREB® offers the following advantages:
  • Various operating temperatures ( 72℃, 77℃, 82℃, 85℃)
  • Low-profile and light-weight construction with a maximum height of only 1.05 mm
  • High sensitivity due to slim body design
  • In accordance with RoHS and REACH guidelines, and Halogen-free


SEREB® is mainly used to protect the battery cells of portable electronic devices such as notebook and tablet computers.

Technical Details

SEREB SB Type (SB-X)    
SEREB® SB type is composed of elements using anti-corrosion materials known as “bimetal." This in combination with its airtight construction makes for excellent weatherabililty of the product.         

SB type’s high performance capabilities make it suitable for battery protection in mobile applications (i.e. smart phones, tablets, etc.). These devices demand maximum capability and minimal size due to their constant usage and compact designs.

Features / Specifications
Series Contact performance Operating
Safety Standard
AC/DC Current Voltage
X Series DC 12A 10V 72℃/77℃/82℃/85℃ UL/TÜV

Forms of Supply and Product Packaging

Standard forms of supply are available. Please contact our sales department if you have any questions or requests concerning supply and packaging.


All SB type thermal protectors undergo an internal check in addition to the standard quality assurance processes of SCHOTT to ensure consistently high quality of the product.

For further information, please contact with our sales department. 
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