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11.11.2019, Landshut, Germany

Setting the Standard in Next-Generation Electric Compressors

The reliability and performance of electric air conditioning compressors in EVs, hybrid, and fuel cell vehicles heavily depends on one component: the compressor terminal. The compressor terminal must remain hermetically sealed to prevent refrigerant leakage while also enabling the transfer of high power loads from the battery to the compressor. For the first time, the technology group and compressor terminal expert SCHOTT now offers a range of standard compressor terminals that have been long sought after by e-compressor developers. Fully optimized for performance and efficiency, the portfolio includes a standard design for 200-500V applications, typically used in electric vehicles. SCHOTT furthermore offers optimized compressor terminals that support next-generation requirements, such as 48V battery systems and quick-charging technology with high voltages up to 800V.
E-Compressors Must Meet Extreme Requirements
Electric compressors in e-mobility applications are unique as they are powered by their own motor via battery. Their terminal seals are a potential weak point: they must be able to transfer large amounts of energy reliably in an electrically insulated manner. This is not an easy task due to the fact that the risk of leakage is particularly high at power supply points. The harsh operating and environmental conditions electric compressors are exposed to represent a challenge as well. Compressor terminals must be able to withstand extremely high pressure, temperature, humidity, and vibrations over extended periods without allowing any leakage or refrigerant loss.

Market-Leading E-Compressor Terminals
SCHOTT has developed market-leading components to satisfy the demanding requirements an electric compressor terminal must meet. They are based on proven hermetic glass-to-metal sealing technology that has been used for decades in a wide range of compressor applications as well as other harsh environment uses, including automotive sensors, aviation and aerospace, and even medical applications. An absolutely gas-tight seal is applied to the current-carrying contacts using glass as the insulation material. The feedthroughs deliver maximum performance and durability, and have been developed in cooperation with electric compressor and automotive manufacturers worldwide. “We have over 50 years of experience in this field. With the introduction of highly efficient and advanced standard designs for cost-optimized e-compressor terminals, we see ourselves as the trendsetter in the emerging e-mobility market,” explains Akira Fujioka, R&D Manager from SCHOTT.

Standard Components Catering to New E-Compressor Requirements
SCHOTT will present its new range of improved standard products for electric compressors with a voltage of 200 to 500 volts that are commonly used in electric vehicles. Superior e-compressor terminals with extremely high insulation resistance and high-voltage power (800 volts), ideally suited for fast-charging technologies in electric vehicles, will also be on display. The terminals also feature high-current capabilities and support next-generation electrical systems with 48 volts. Catering to individual user and applications requirements, the terminal designs can be optimized to accommodate compressor operation using carbon dioxide coolants (R744) that require high-pressure resistance.
High precision is always required during production to achieve product quality that reliably prevents coolants from leaking. SCHOTT uses specialty glass, rubber, and, in some cases, ceramics as materials to provide maximum electrical insulation performance under the most adverse conditions.

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