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14.03.2017, Mainz, Deutschland

Creative look for top fireplace designs

SCHOTT ROBAX® fire viewing panels with a new look: “opaque black” decorative trim and high bending radius for better fire viewing
Inspiration for the fireplace and chimney design world: SCHOTT ROBAX® fire viewing panels will be exhibiting at the ISH in Frankfurt/Main from March 14-18, 2017 (Hall 9.2, Booth E 09) with a new look – firstly, with an “opaque black” decorative trim color that optimally conceals adhesives or hinges behind the panels; and secondly, with an increased bending radius for angular panels that improves the view even through the panels’ bent edges. How much improved? The clarity of fire viewing can now be calculated to see how curved products compare to flat viewing panels with the SCHOTT ROBAX® fire viewing index from Dudek. And in your trade fair goody bag, check out the winning outdoor chimney designs submitted by students in the first SCHOTT ROBAX® Design Award competition.

“Opaque black” is the name of the new, soon-to-be-released decorative trim color for SCHOTT ROBAX® glass-ceramic fire viewing panels. And as the name implies, the jet-black edging is completely non-transparent. This makes it possible to elegantly conceal adhesives and hinges. Mounting elements can also be hidden, as the color developed by SCHOTT is more opaque than any other color in the ROBAX® portfolio of black decorative colors. It complements “pure black” and “mystic black” to extend the potential for decoration, design and differentiation of fireplaces and stoves.

High bending radius for better fire viewing
Optimum optics played a leading role in another innovation: SCHOTT ROBAX® now offers its angular fire viewing panels in one piece with a higher bending radius. This allows chimney and stove enthusiasts a significantly improved view even where the panels bend – offering an especially natural fireside experience. “Requests for such a product had been increasing, from several countries in fact. So we pooled our technological know-how to develop this solution,” explains Isabel Eymael, Marketing Manager for SCHOTT ROBAX®. A 90-degree angular fire viewing panel with a bending radius of 50 mm, a height of 500 mm and glass side lengths of 350 mm and 600 mm will be on display at the trade fair. Other bending radii, heights and side lengths are, of course, possible.

The Dudek fire viewing index: unique formula
It is now possible to calculate the clarity of fire viewing from newly-formed viewing panels – providing decisive motivation for purchasing a fireplace stove. For the first time, SCHOTT Development Engineer Roland Dudek has developed a formula that determines the fire viewing potential of fireplaces. The Dudek fire viewing index measures the area around a fire that allows a view of it. A flat front panel with a fixed index of 100 is used as a comparison criterion. The visual gain of curved or angled 3D panels is calculated from this value. The higher above 100 the index is, the better the fire viewing – and with it, the added value for end customers. The largest possible theoretical index for a 270-degree ROBAX® glass-ceramic panel, which SCHOTT is already producing, is 300. “The index is easy to calculate for every fireplace model. We are happy to provide the formula to our customers and their trading partners as sales support,” Isabel Eymael explains.

Another focus of the trade fair will be on fire panels for outdoor fireplaces. Due to the increasing popularity of this outdoor experience, SCHOTT ROBAX® held its first design competition among students in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Submissions will be presented to the public for the first time at the SCHOTT booth.
SCHOTT® and ROBAX® are registered trademarks of SCHOTT AG.

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